IMPULSE'19 will be a "One for all" kind of Techfest for the coders,the gamers & the learners as well

Clean your dates for 28-29 March'19 to join this 2 days extravaganza and explore the unrevealed.

With a series of mind boggling events , IOSD-MAIT is ready to set the stage on !!!

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Hack it till you Crack it!

8 Hours of pitching on provided themes collaborating to code, develop and deploy innovative solutions!

DEADLINE: 26th March 23:59 hrs

AlgoRythm :

Online Competitive Coding

Groove to your Rythm and apply the right Algorithm!

If all you think about is code then, it's time to gear up and let that coding spirit inside you rule the real world. Coders, Assemble!

DEADLINE: 26th March 23:59 hrs

DevDash :

Web Design Competition

Creativity in your genes? We’ve got something for you, a web development event to design and develop an amazing master piece by shaping your imagination into reality and creating wonders.

DEADLINE: 26th March 23:59 hrs

Explora :

Competitive Coding and Interview Preparation

Explore the unrevealed!!!

Well, Impulse'19 won’t let you down. We bring to you an intensive 6-hour workshop that will help you learn, visualize and hone your skills with various group discussions to encourage innovative thinking. Grab this opportunity to learn from experienced personnel and expand your share of knowledge.

DEADLINE: 26th March 23:59 hrs


PUBG Gaming Event

Yeh PUBG vala hai kya ?

A gaming event for the avid gamers everywhere. Its your chance to beat all your opponents and show them who's the boss.

DEADLINE: 26th March 23:59 hrs

Respawn :

CSGO Gaming Event

Gamers don't die , they respawn

A gaming event for the avid gamers everywhere. Its your chance to beat all your opponents and show them who's the boss.

DEADLINE: 26th March 23:59 hrs



Q: Can students from branches apart from CSE/IT participate? Also, can hardware models like that of IOT, block chain be included in the project submission?

Ans: Students from any branch can take part in the competition. Yes, the project submission can include both hardware and software components.

Q: What do you mean by project submission?

Ans: The project submission includes both the hardware and software submission of the project that your team is building.

Q: Do the teams need to send a part of the working model while submitting project ideas for the online round?

Ans: No, it is not necessary to submit a prototype of the working project along with the project idea. But the project idea must be elaborate and well explained.

Q: Do the selected teams for 2nd round need to bring a completely working project in the campus round?

Ans: No, it is not necessary but the project must be at least 70% complete before reporting your project in the campus round.

Q: Do the students need to bring their own laptop for the campus round?

Ans: Yes, please bring your own laptops for the competition.


Q:Can we preview the template for a better result during the event?

Ans: No, that's the most interesting part of this event. You will have to design and develop the similar template provided to you, without previewing the progress made in the template. You can preview it only after the time is over. One with the closest resembling template will be declared as the champion.

Q: Is there any pre-determined theme for development?

Ans: No, there is not a particular theme. The template will be provided on the spot.

Q: Do the participants need to bring their own laptops?

Ans: No, the event will take place in college labs. So there is no need for laptops.


Q. Will the event take place in the college campus?

Ans: No the first round will be an online coding competition on 27th March .It will take place on “Hackerearth” coding platform . The entry link for the competition will be mailed to you on your registered mail. Participants qualified for Round 2 have to report in college campus on 29th March.

Q: What kind of questions will be provided in the round 2?

Ans: All the details will be provided on the spot. But for solving the questions, as with the first round, the questions can be attempted in any language.

Q: Do the participants need to bring their own laptops for the round 2 ?

Ans:No, the round 2 will take place in college labs. So there is no need for laptops.


Q: Can we bring our own peripherals?

Ans: We recommend players to bring their own mouse, keyboards, headphones, and any other peripherals to simulate their own best playing environment.

Q: Can scripts be used?

Ans: Use of unfair but available scripts (e.g. silentrun, attack+use, Centerview script, no recoil script, etc.) is subject to disqualification.

Q: Will headphones be provided?

Ans: We will provide mouse and keyboards but not headphones. Also, no mouse-pads will be available, so please bring your own.

Q: Is team member substitution allowed?

Ans: Only one member substitution is allowed. In case of substitution, the SP or the team must notify the admins with the reason for the substitution and the profile of the new member before the game, no substitution is allowed in between a game.


Q. What is the process of registeration?

Ans:You can register yourself or your team through the link provided on the website, and make the payments at the time of event . On spot registration alongwith payments will also be available.

Q: Will internet services be provided to the participants?

Ans: No, you have to use your personal data.

Q: Can we use emulators?

Ans: No, we won't allow emulators. Only mobile phones, tabs or iPads are allowed.


Meet Impulse'19 Team

Vinay Saini
Faculty Head of IOSD MAIT
Garima Gupta
Faculty Head of IOSD MAIT


Sparsh Wadhwa
Deepanshi Bansal
Vice President
Deepali Singhal

Vivek Agarwal
General Secretay
Rajat Gupta
General Secretay
Heena Garg
Joint Secretay


Harsh Luthra
Sarthak Bhutani
Sarthak Bhutani
Rasik Raj
Shivay Lamba
Mayank Chopra
Deepanshu Meemroth
Deepanshu Meemroth
Karan Gupta
Arjun Vidyarthi
Deepanshu Gaur
Deepanshu Gaur
Anjali Chaudhary
Dheeraj Pradyumna
Shubham Goyal


Parul Garg
Rahul Gupta
Vishal Khurana
Shaguna Awasthi

Craft Head

Promotion Head

Shivani Dalmia
Mansi Jain

Promotion Head

rahul Chawla
Rahul Chawla
Shivanshu Garg

Content Head

Design Head

Jahnavi Seth

Design Head

Sarthak Mittal
Prabhav Jain

Logistics Head

Raghav Gandhi
Arushi Sondhi
Shubham Singla
Aditya Lahoty
Sarvesh Tiwari






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